Born in Sweden in 1965, Thomas Meyerhoffer is a creator and visionary. After earning a degree in Industrial Design from Art Center, he started his journey with an internship at Porsche, only to Go West to California for IDEO. It was there Meyerhoffer was introduced to the idea of giving objects meaning through its form, working with Naoto Fukasawa. He further formed these notions at Apple working alongside Sir Jony Ive on projects like the eMate and iMac. That taught him to combine the fields of art, craft and technology. These theories, merged with contemporary culture, make up Meyerhoffer’s design practice today.

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"One time when I was in LA, I drove out to my old art school. It was a Saturday, so there was almost nobody around. I stopped in the art supplies store and bought some of my favorite items: some tape rolls that we used draw with, some notebooks, and my favorite pens. I began wondering how it was that I came to do this work, and how I got through it the early phase of my career. I had these tools, I’d learned a lot, and I had some vision about products. But I didn’t yet have the experience needed to fully realize that vision. When you have tools and vision, the central question becomes “Where do you want to go?” Right now, I’m in a pretty silent space, still trying to contemplate this. I strive to be more intuitive, focusing on the present moment – that’s what’s important. When opportunities arrive, I either say no, or I jump in and focus on it."


Thomas Meyerhoffer is the acclaimed creator of an extraordinarily diverse range of successful products with universal appeal. His simple and intuitive designs are experienced every day by many millions of users around the world.

After taking positions at Apple, IDEO and Porsche, Meyerhoffer founded his integrated design studio in Montara, California, in 1999.

Meyerhoffer is the recipient of multiple international design awards and patents. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Outside Magazine and in Museums such as The Cooper Hewitt, New York, SFMOMA, San Francisco and Design Museum, London.


Thomas interview Tom Sachs

Click on the image above, and turn up the volume, to listen to Thomas interviewing Tom Sachs for the Outside Genius Issue.

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