Thomas Meyerhoffer is a designer, innovator and entrepreneur.

The internationally acclaimed designer is the creator of an extraordinarily diverse range of successful products with universal appeal. His simple and intuitive designs are experienced every day by millions of users around the world.

After taking positions at Apple, IDEO and Porsche, Meyerhoffer founded his integrated design studio in Montara, California, in 1999.

Today, he is engaged with a broad client base that includes leading brands and startups in technology, sports, and even politics. He was selected to craft the design strategy of Michael Bloomberg’s presidential bid.

Meyerhoffer's current focus is Latch, a successful smart access company where Meyerhoffer is Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer and responsible for Design, Experience and Brand. Latch is funded with 100M and based in New York.

His surfboard designs has a dedicated following around the world. Meyerhoffer's innovative design approach to surfboards has been featured in Surfers Blood, a film by Patrick Trefz and in The Surfers Journal.

Meyerhoffer is the recipient of multiple international design awards and patents. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Outside Magazine and in Museums such as The Cooper Hewitt, New York, SFMOMA, San Francisco and Design Museum, London.


  Good Design Australia (Latch)
  IDEA Award (Latch)
  IF Award Germany (Latch)
  Good Design USA (Latch)

  IDEA Award (Latch)
  IDEA Award (Invuity)
  Good Design Australia (Latch)
  Good Design Australia (Invuity)

  Good design Australia (Latch)
  IF Award Germany (Latch)
  IDEA Award (Latch)

  IDEA Awards (Slip In)

  Sacred Craft Best In Show (Slip In)

  Design Museum London (Surfboard)

  D&Ad Yellow Pencil (Surfboard)
  Good Design Australia (Surfboard)
  IDEA Awards (Surfboard)
  I.D. Magazine Awards (Surfboard)

  IDEA Awards (Tork)
  IF Awards (Tork)
  Red Dot Awards (Tork)

  IF Awards (Neil Pryde)
  IF Awards (Flow)
  Red Dot Awards (Neil Pryde)
  Red Dot Awards (Flow)
  Wired (Danger Hip Top)

  D&Ad Yellow Pencil (NEC)
  IF Awards Germany (Apple)
  Good Design USA (Apple)
  I.D. Magazine Awards (Apple)