Thomas Meyerhoffer is a designer, innovator and entrepreneur.

The internationally acclaimed designer is the creator of an extraordinarily diverse range of successful products with universal appeal. His simple and intuitive designs are experienced every day by millions of users around the world.

Meyerhoffer advice leading international brands and innovative startup's on design, experience and brand, creating memorable design stories that connect with users.

After taking positions at Apple, IDEO and Porsche, Meyerhoffer founded his integrated design studio in Montara, California, in 1999.

Today, he is engaged in an unusually broad range of projects for leading brands and startups in wellness, technology, sports, and even politics. He was for example selected to craft the design strategy of Michael Bloomberg’s presidential bid.

Meyerhoffer has been involved with several startups. His current focus is Latch where he is Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer responsible for Design, Experience and Brand.


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2018 Good design Australia, Latch C
2018 IDEA Award, Latch C
2017 Good design Australia, Latch R
2017 Good design Australia, Invuity
2017 IDEA Award, Latch R
2017 IDEA Award, Invuity
2016 Good design Australia, Latch M
2016 IF, Germany, Latch M
2016 IDEA Award, Latch M
2014 IDEA Award, Coca-Cola
2014 IDEA Award, Surfboard
2013 Sacred Craft, Best In Show
2012 Design Museum London Exhibition
2010 D&Ad, England, Surfboard
2010 Good Design Australia, Surfboard
2010 IDEA Award, Surfboard
2010 I.D. Award, Surfboard
2009 IF, Germany, Neil Pryde
2009 IF, Germany, Tork
2009 Red Dot, Germany, Neil Pryde
2009 Red Dot, Germany, Tork
2009 IDEA Award, Neil Pryde
2003 IF, Germany, Flow
2003 Red Dot, Germany, Flow
1997 D&Ad, England, Apple eMate

1997 IF, Germany, Apple eMate
1997 I.D. Award, Apple eMate

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Mike Bloomberg 
Neil Pryde  

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Meyerhoffer’s innovative surfboard is well regarded by world class surfers and has a dedicated following around the world. His iconic designs was created out of his passion for experience surfing and never with a commercial aim. Pure experimentation gave way for more usable vessels where he explored the craft by combining innovative use of computers in combination with his hands and a keen eye and mind.

It was in 2000 when Thomas began to explore the surfboard which became a journey that would take him around the world. In 2016 Meyerhoffer was featured as one of the main characters in Surfers Blood, a film by Patrick Trefz. His early surfboards was featured in The Surfers Journal 2007. He won Best in Show at Sacred Craft in 2013 for his design of Slip In. Meyerhoffer is the recipeient of multiple international design awards for his innovative surfboard design.

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Select Press

2017Outside Magazine The Genius Issue
2016The New York Times  Michael Bloomberg Says He Won’t Run for President
2016The New York Times  Latch
2016Blue Magazine, Japan  Surfing California
2013Case Da Abitare, Italy  L'uomo Dei Sogni
2009The New York Times Magazine  The Ninth Annual Year in Ideas
2009The New York Times  Going Beyond the Waves to Reshape an Experience
2009Domus Magazine, Italy  Long Surfing
2009I.D. Magazine  Ahead of The Curve
2009Wired Magazine  Steven Levy on Chumby
2008Outside Magazine  The Creator
2007The Surfers Journal  Feeling vs. Decimal Dust
2007Businessweek  Apple's All-Star Alumni
2006National Design Triennial  Cooper Hewitt Museum
2003Wired  Cappellini Technothrone
2000Spoon  Phaidon
1998Domus Magazine, Italy  Apple's eMate


Meyerhoffer Inc.
1241 Main Street
Montara, California
+1 650 45 0061

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