Born in Sweden in 1965, Thomas Meyerhoffer is a creator and visionary. After earning a degree in Industrial Design from Art Center, he started his journey with an internship at Porsche, only to Go West to California for IDEO. It was there Meyerhoffer was introduced to the idea of giving objects meaning through its form, working with Naoto Fukasawa. He further formed these notions at Apple working alongside Sir Jony Ive on projects like the eMate and iMac. That taught him to combine the fields of art, craft and technology. These theories, merged with contemporary culture, make up Meyerhoffer’s design practice today.

Meyerhoffer design projects
Smith V3, The first wrap around goggle
Meyerhoffer design projects
Smith Warp, The first Outrigger goggle
Meyerhoffer design projects
Scott's first spherical lens googgle

YEAR: 1997-2008

INFORMATION: I created over 20 goggles for Smith and Scott where many where best sellers and a few - game changers. It started with the V3 for Smith, the first wrap around goggle in the market. At that time all goggles where looking the same.

Photography: Christoffer Dalkarls & Smith Sport & Scott Sports