smart access

The traditional key is all about trust. The digital one is a key to your life. With that comes the responsibility to design a mindful technology experience.

To create a simple, universal and human experience, you need to lead with humanistic values, not digital complexity.

Latch is designed for the culture of modern living. We created an innovative access experience where trust, longevity and mindfulness about privacy are strategic design values.

The silent and intuitive design allows for the user to build trust in a new technology replacing the traditional key.

Latch design has been recognized with 10 international design awards. The startup is funded with 100M. And 1 out of 10 new buildings install Latch today.

Design projects that deal with fundamental parts of our daily life are particularly interesting as we move from our mechanical past to a digital future.

There’s a time and space when there’s an opportunity for magic to happen in any product, project, or company.