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Domus Magazine

By Francesca Picchi, February 1998

Thomas Meyerhoffer left his native Sweden for California in the early 1990s. Here he was part of one of the most extraordinary creative laboratories linked to the industry: that of the Apple team dealing with the relaunch of the company in the era in which Steve Jobs returned on the scene. It was 1997, and Meyerhoffer was working in particular on eMate, a computer for children that was certainly the precursor of the things that were to become Apple icons designed by the team led by Jonathan Ive as the iMac, iBook, iPod and so on.

"With the eMate Meyerhoffer had the chance to try out that free and relaxed approach”

That set about “domesticating computer hardware based on the foresight that “soon the computer companies will enter into competition with the companies that influence lifestyle such as nike”.So the first colored computer, with expressly organic forms and a translucent plastic shell that left to transpire its electronic interior was probability the eMate, and despite the fact that it isn’t very well known, there is reason to consider the link between the white totems of the first Apples (it was in any case that the first “colored” personal computer to make its appearance on the domestic scene) and the generation of “intelligent evinces” of the Internet age born in an era when Apple the references for the young team of designers from Europe oscillated between Alessi and Nike.

Probable a certain influence on this creative context must have also been his passion for surfing as this recent project by Meyerhoffer leads on to think, where technology in considered for its capacity to place us in contact with emotions.