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How did you come up with the idea of the board? There has been travel board before but non focused on performance and exploration. I was wondering if you could create a board that works well for exploration by not deciding it in the middle but in a way that you change out your tail part or your nose part. The cut is focused on the “silent” part of the board shape right inform your fins. Its the part that changes the least when a shaper shapes out different board shapes from a basic template. We know how different tail shapes and find set up will affect your performance and experience and we know that the volume and width also affects you. I decided to separate the two and create a design that distribute the force in the best way possible.

Once I got into he exploration phase of the design, I realized it made sense to build a system that naturally fits the users need. And to fit the quiver into a bag that you can check in for free when you travel and explore. Since then we have spent many years developing and testing the interface and different board configurations. Making it lighter and stronger. Testing and travelling. We are very pleased to be able to start bringing the system to our first customers this year.

Are there any major differences in terms of performance between this board and your standard shortboard? None. That's the trick. The board works just like before. That way when then you change the tail you can explore what a different length or shape of the tail does to the performance of your board.Really feel the difference what a different shape of the tail does or a narrower nose.

How many different modular combinations have surfers the choice of combining? There is no limitation. We suggest a base quiver of one nose with two tails. Once you add the second nose you multiply your boards to four. Add a third tail and you got six boards. And so on. The length delta is about 12- 14 inches differences between your shortest board and longest board. We suggest the rider chooses the nose relating to the volume and width he or she is normally riding. The first nose would be all around focused.The second nose would be longer and narrower for larger waves. This way you can go from a 5.8 wide and short board for small waves with a short and wide tail to a 7.0 longer and narrower board with a long pin tail and a little more volume for big days. All in one quiver that fits into one bag. That you most likely will be able to check in for free as a “golf bag”. And this way you do not need to buy a completely new board changing it up from a 5.11 to 6.1 or going from round pin to squash. This board system is for the surfers that explores and likes to travel. And always be ready for changing conditions wherever they are.

How do you think this board will impact the surfing industry? The surf industry is always slow to change. We are not focused on changing everything for everyone. We are only focused on creating a great experience for our customers. One by one. We have interest from many board brands and shapers and will license the system out once we can make sure its set up the right way and will work as we say it will. We are really focused on the explorer that travels and like to surf good waves. And like to change they quiver to refine their experience. And care about their experience.


Made in California. For custom orders please contact us by email info@meyerhoffer.com More information about material options and shipping information here


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