Flex Fin

Flex Fin

The Meyerhoffer Flex Fin is developed & manufactured together with Future Fins. Designed and crafted to complement the dynamics of our surfboards in order for you to experience more. Works wonders together with the Original, XYZ and Slip In.


The newly developed template incorporates a unique pivot point on the leading edge between the stiffer carbon-fiber base and the flexible tip for progressive drive and power. The steeply raked carbon-fiber portion holds with a precise feel, while the flex tip seamlessly loads up to drive you out of bottom turns.

Using Futures high-tech materials, the fin is made of carbon fiber and HEX Core RTM for a more lively flex than standard fiberglass. This 9" fin is specifically tuned to match our single-fin Slip In model and our XYZ performance longboards, but will add performance to any surfboard.


For orders please contact us at info@meyerhoffer.com

Made in USA.
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