Meyerhoffer Original

Meyerhoffer Original. 9.2 with White tint, Blue tine nose, black solid band.


The hourglass shape with its negative sidecut shortens the rail in the water allowing for tight turns in critical parts of the wave. Full nose for traditional noseriding. Special shaped tail with negative outline adds hold on the wave face, while offering the freedom to seamlessly transition from rail-to-rail. Surfers of a wide range in skill levels have raved about the boards speed, control and overall fun factor in all conditions. Favorite tool used to win local longboarding competitions in Nor Cal.

Traces from the CAD development of the complex shape.

Noseriding comes easy with the narrow waist that sticks in the wave.

Zed in Indo on his 9.0 Original.

Delivering a custom design to Randy Rarick in Santa Cruz, 2013.

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Made in California.


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