Slip In


The Slip In is a modern single fin. It responds quicker than a traditional single fin and delivers an high performance board experience that gives you more glide and flow.

The designs negative cut and an elongated flex tail improve maneuverability and enables easy rail to rail transition.The hull shaped front of the board transitions into a deep double concave tail that create fluid turns and endless speed. The design makes the board accelerate quickly and maintain a high level of down the line speed and trim.

Josh Mulcoy, Slip In, Mexico.

Eric Geiselman surfing Slip In single fin in huge wave

"This board is magical"

Eric Geiselman on Stock 5.10, Puerto Rico.

"You can use a modern style approach if you want real performance or just keep it real classic and maintain a one-line approach" says professional surfer, Eric Geiselman. Subsequently, the Slip-In is a proven functional surfboard used by devotees and professional surfers alike, the world over.

"It definitely opened my eyes and got me more inspired again.

Josh Mulcoy on 5.9 Slip In, Mexico.

Josh Mulcoy, a surfers with an open mind searching for new experiences says: "It has all the good qualities of a single-fin, but at the same time, you can turn it on a dime. It has the best of both worlds: the thruster feel and the speed, but you can get on a rail like you do on a single-fin." He continues; "You almost feel you get rid of a lot of the bullshit in surfing"

See Josh and Noa Kaulukukui surf the board in Patrick Trefz celebrated surf film Surfers Blood. Here

Drawing, an essential tool in the design process.


The design is a derivative of Meyerhoffer's revolutionary longboard design and features a negative cut along the distinctive tail. This radical design does away with traditionally bulky tail shapes and reduces drag, enabling easy rail-to- rail transitions and a tighter turning radius. The wide point of the outline is moved further up, immediately positioning the surfer forward on the board in gaining momentum as he traverses across the wave.

A complex blend of bottom contours work to channel water efficiently through to the fin, creating positive lift and hold through decisive turns. The Rocker strikes a balance between the traditionally flatter rocker of a Single Fin (for speed) and the more pronounced rocker of the modern Thruster (for maneuverability).

Thomas Meyerhoffer flex fin design

Thomas Meyerhoffer flex fin design

Meyerhoffer Flex fin

The fin itself forms a crucial component of any board design. Working with Futures technology, we produced a unique fin template with a large rake for tighter turns. Using carbon-fiber, the base of the fin is made strong for stability, and foiled to a fine edge that flexes as pressure is applied. This flex pattern determines how the board handles on the water and is carefully balanced for maximum control and drive.

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