Slip In

Single fin



Slip In is a modern interpretation of the single fin surfboard.

Smooth, fluid and fast. It responds quicker because of it's side cut tail outline and delivers a high performance board experience perfectly mixed with the more traditional glide and trim of a hull design.

Expect more down the line speed, flow and fun than you are used to.


Our boards are custom made. If you’d like to know more about ordering a board, material options and shipping information please send us an email. We ship worldwide & suggest local pick up. Made in California.

5'9"  19 3/4"  2 1/4"  27.5L
5'10"  19 5/8"  2 7/16"  28.5L
5'11"  20"  2 3/8"  29.5L
6'0"  20"  2 5/8"  32L
6'2"  20 1/2"  2 5/8"  34L
6'4"  20 3/4"  2 5/8"  35L
6'6"  20 3/4"  2 3/4"  36.5L
6'10"  21"  2 78/"  40L
7'2"  21 1/2"  2 5/16"  46L
7'6"  21 3/4"  3"  50L

Made in California


Surfers Blood
By Patrick Trefz
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"This board is magical. You can use a modern style approach if you want real performance or just keep it real classic and maintain a one-line approach."

Eric Geiselman

"It definitely opened my eyes and got me more inspired again."
"It has the best of both worlds; the thruster feel and the speed, but you can get on a rail like you do on a single-fin."

Josh Mulcoy

Josh Mulcoy

Eric Geiselman. Stock 5.9 Slip In. Nicargua




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