Smith Goggles 1997-2007

We created 3 innovative and industry leading goggle designs for Smith. Each product helping to define the brand as the market leader at the time.

V3: considered the original modern goggle, featuring a wrap-around lens — never before seen — providing a superior fit and field of view.

Warp: the first goggle to incorporate an outrigger system for a superior ergonomic fit.

Alias: the first female specific goggle, a staple in Smith’s product range for over 15 years.

Neil Pryde Windsurfing 2003-2006

Working with Neil Pryde, we designed a sleek and compelling line of 12 versatile sails, responding to the demands of high performance windsurfing.

Wave sails were reinforced along the "frame" of the sail with improved durability and weight, while flat-water sails wore a ligth fluid "frame" for speed. Suceeding its launch, the product line was a huge success, establishing a new industry standard that is still standing today and earning numerous international design awards.

Flow Snowboard Bindings 2003-2006

Working with Flow snowboarding company, we reinvented the snowboard binding. Responding to riders’ dissatisfaction with the conventional system, our design allowed the user to slide their foot into an adjustable front sleeve, then lean down and flip a lever to lock the back support into place. The new method took seconds to perform, minimizing fuss and maximizing ride time.

Surfboards 2005-Present

In 2000, Thomas began exploring new surfboard concepts. Less concerned in functionality and instead focused on feeling, these early surfboards were created in an expression of the experience itself: riding a wave. Finding design in nature and never intended for production they explored new design directions and became the start of a journey that would take Thomas around the world over the next several years and meet some of most influential shapers and surfers. Today, Meyerhoffer has a dedicated following of surfers from around the world surfing the explorative designs and continues to develop new surfboard designs and concepts connecting with exploring surfers.

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