The most extreme version of our side cut longboards. XYZ remixes functional design elements from a variety of surfboard genres. Pushed as far as they can possibly go. So will you.
This radical design has matured into a performance machine that can take on any kind of wave.

Custom Order

All boards are customer order and Made in California. If you’d like to know more about ordering a board, material options and shipping information please send us an email and we will be happy to anwer any questions and help you choose your size.

Surfboard enquiries:

Recommended Size

8’2”  21.8”  3”  54L
8’10”  21.8”  3”  56L
9’0"  21.8”  3”  57L
9’1”  21.9”  3”  58L
9’2”  22.2”  3.1”  64L
9’4”  22.4”  3.2”  67L
9’6”  22.5”  3.25”  70L

Made in California

Sam Bleakely, Barbados

Sam Bleakely, Barbados


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